We have just launched this website and are keen to hear what you think of it, so please do write and tell us. We’re just hopeful that you will like it and come back to visit us many times, both in the virtual and real worlds. So if you do like it, why not add it to your favourites straight away. We’ll be adding new products to our catalogue whenever new items come to our attention and seem worth including. If you are looking for something that’s not on our catalogue, contact us anyway as we do order in ‘specials’ on request.  We’ll also be posting bee / beekeeping news items and topical items on our blog and will welcome your thoughts on some of those subjects.

We live and work in a beautiful peaceful corner of Co Leitrim, where once the Lakeview Mills stood. At that stage Co Leitrim had a population of about 150,000 people, and local farmers brought their oats and corn to the Mill for grinding.

Now, we farm bees, and supply beekeepers around the country, with a range of hives, extractors, smokers, protective clothing like bee suits, jackets and gloves and supplies such as frames, wax and Apiguard to name just a few. We have lots of interesting, knacky little pieces of equipment like queen cell protectors, queen clippers, frame nail pliers, rampins, etc. etc. so if you’re a keen beekeeper, you might feel like a child in a sweet shop!

An elderly neighbour who grew up in the townland gave us this poem: Thanks Francie.

Three Thousand miles from Lakeview Mills
Where my poor father died,
My boyhood home, it stands there still,
By Sliabh an Iarann’s side.
And that old rusty covered mount
Like a sentinel looks down,
And keeps a faithful watch and ward
On Old Drumshanbo Town. 

And that old road to Ballinamore
Along the mountain ridge,
Where in boyhood days
I often stayed on Aghagrainne Bridge.
Beneath its arch the mountain stream
In torrents oft poured down,
I see those sights in dreams
Far from Old Drumshanbo Town

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Mill Lane!

  1. Warmest congratulations to the two Marys on the new website!! An excellent user friendly presentation!!

  2. Hi both Mary’s,

    Great to see the new web site, easy to use. Good luck with it. And a big thanks for all the help and supplying the bee’s

  3. Hello Mary Hyland and Mary Mc. Nutt!
    Thank you so much for setting up this website to find a beekeeper nearby! Our visit really helped us in our Sci Fest project and we were really fascinated to watch the bees and hear all your knowledge about them! We really recommend anyone to visit as the bees are magical. Thank you so much again,
    Johanna 🙂

    1. Thanks Johanna, We enjoyed having you guys here.
      Always delighted when young people show an interest in bees!

    1. Hi Sheelagh,
      Thanks for your enquiry about honey.
      We are sold out of 2016 honey and haven’t taken a crop in 2017 yet, so nothing just at present.
      However when it’s available:
      Gala in Drumshanbo and Sweet Geranium Cafe, Drumshanbo are regular outlets.

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