Christmas is Coming….     

It’s that time of year again. And even though belts have been tightened all year, and people still worry about the future, the Season of Goodwill is fast approaching, and we cast our minds to what we might give or receive as gifts.

Mill Lane Homemade Preserves are very acceptable gifts in almost every home: bringing the flavours of natural ingredients and home grown or organic produce back to life. Many of the flavours of our childhood memories like wild-crafted blackberries in Blackberry and Apple Jam, Real Seville Orange Marmalade, home grown Oregano, French Tarragon and Thyme in the flavoured oils, etc.

We make up gift packs to almost any value from €5 to €50 and accommodate your likes

and dislikes………..

Have a look at the information below and we will be happy to answer any questions you have, and look after some of your Christmas gift list.

Gift Packs from Mill Lane Preserves: containing all home-made preserves

You decide what your budget is….€10, €15, 20 etc. up to €50

We will select from our range below to that value, allowing €2 for gift packaging

If you would like to select the exact contents of your pack, same rules apply!

Delivery Free within 20 miles of Drumshanbo, in Dublin, and points between! 

But make sure you order before 15 December if you want delivery.

e-mail: or phone: 086 8599 833

1 lb Marmalades (Seville Orange, 3 Fruit, or Orange and Ginger)       €4 ea

12oz Plum Jam                                                                                     €4 ea

8oz Marmalades (same selection as above), Plum, Raspberry,

  Gooseberry or Blackberry and Apple Jams                                        €3 ea

8oz Cranberry Sauce, Chutney, Apple Jelly or Sweet Cucumber

  Relish                                                                                                  €3.75 ea

12oz Pure Irish Honey                                                                           €7.50 ea

8oz Pure Irish Honey                                                                             €5 ea

250ml Flavoured Oils (French Tarragon and Chilli, Oregand and

  Black Pepper, Thyme)

16oz Poached Cinnamon Pears in Port                                                 €5 ea

As beekeepers, we know that we really want to choose for ourselves when buying beekeeping supplies and equipment. Our family and friends will have the best of intentions, but may pick the wrong type of hivetool or smoker etc. So if you would like beekeeping equipment as a gift this Christmas, why not point them in the direction of Mill Lane Beekeeping Gift Certificates. That way, you can have all the fun of picking out the exact item(s) you want. You can redeem them at any time of year, including our winter sale in January for special value.

You can find us at some of the Christmas Gift/Craft Fairs around Leitrim and beyond including

Leitrim Village: 1st Dec

Moorlands, Drumshanbo: 2nd Dec

Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Co Donegal: 4th Dec

King House Market Yard, Boyle, Co Roscommon: 7th, 8th and 9th Dec

The Courtyard, Carrick-on-Shannon: 15th and  16th Dec

Merry Christmas everyone.

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