Thank Goodness for Dandelions!

The end of May and we have still to see the hawthorn blossom here in Leitrim.  Is it out in your neck of the woods yet?

Well, the Dandelions have been making up for it, in their millions!  The bees, when the weather lets them, have been out working away and valiantly trying to get things going for the summer…….what summer?

The beekeepers too are taking it slow to build up.

By the way, we now have Hive Alive in stock if you’re interested.

To try to stir things up a bit…..I’ll be doing a beekeeping ‘demonstration’/talk/Q&A at Beltra Country Market this Saturday morning, 25th May, 10am-12noon.  Everyone welcome!

Cavan BKA is planning a great one-day conference, 29th June, on queen rearing with a number of excellent guest speakers on the subject.  It will be in the International Scouting Centre, Castlesaunderson (along Cavan to Monaghan road, about 5 miles out of Cavan town).  For more information and to book contact: Alan Brady Mobile: 086 8127920.

Mill Lane Beekeeping will have a stand there.  We’ll try to bring all the stock items likely to be in demand around that time but will happily take orders for later delivery too.  All Welcome there too!

The Bee Movie, Mary McNutt version is still on YouTube:

Compliments of ‘Age & Opportunity’ (not sure I should be too happy about the inference!)


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