Varroa Test and Treat Season is here:

Calling All Beekeeping Associations….
At Mill Lane Beekeeping we work with Associations to try to improve beekeeping practice in Ireland. The Bee-shaker/Icing Sugar form of testing for varroa infestation levels has now been proven to be much more accurate than the ‘drop’ test and we recommend it to all beekeepers.

We are offering a box of 48 Bee shakers to each Local Association at €120 plus delivery. That’s €2.50each – exactly half-price (normally €5 ea).
Or: Half Box (24) at €72 plus delivery (that’s €3.00 ea)….Only while stocks last.

We can also supply Apiguard in bulk to Associations for €230 for a carton with 80 treatments (enough for 40 hives). That works out at €5.75 per hive. Normal price €6.50 per hive. When combined with shakers the delivery won’t be anything extra.

How to Use a Bee Shaker to Test for Varroa: Sugar Shake Testing Method can be found on YouTube at for a video showing the full process;

The NIHBS (Native Irish Honey Bee Society) website
has full information.

Contact Mary or Mary by phone (086-8599 833 or 086-2403152) or e-mail us at: or for more information.

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