We have some fabulous new extractors in for 2015 Honey Season.

These are Stainless Steel. 8-frame radial extractors with 8 baskets. Each basket
capable of accommodating single brood frames of National, Commercial and Langstroth,
Two National Super frames And single Super Commercial & Langstroth frames.
Steel legs/stand and hard plastic honey gate.

These are substantial pieces of equipment suitable for the Honey House. They’re a
lifetime investment.

They come in both electric and manual option
Electric €1395
Manual €795

The Electric Model Has adjustable speed control, forward and reverse, and plugs in to
the standard socket. Single phase 220V, 250W.

Taking Orders now.

7 thoughts on “Extractors

    1. Hi Joseph,
      A couple of things….
      1. You can rent our 9-frame radial, uncapping tray, uncapping fork and double strainer for a 24 hour rental for €35. Refundable deposit of €50. Must come back clean and ready for next user.
      2. Our Bees on a Budget Honey Processing Kit for €300 is a 2-frame tangential extractor, 3 x 15lb buckets, 1 x 30lb bucket with honey valve, uncapping fork and double strainer.
      Call me if you’re interested in either.

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