A lot of beekeepers have had problems with varroa this year.
Now is the time to make sure that your colonies are going to go into winter with the best possible chance of survival and treating for varroa is really important now.
Apiguard is available from Mill Lane Beekeeping at the great price of €30 for a box of 10 trays (that’s treatment for 5 hives), or €3.25 per tray if you just need a couple. The use by date on our current batch is 2018, so you can benefit from the bulk price by planning ahead.

This time last year we made a fabulous offer to all the Associations called “A Whole Lot of Shakin Goin on”…..scroll down a little and you’ll find it. We are still offering those same bulk prices to Associations for the Bee Shakers and Apiguard.

We also have great value in Rapid Feeders at just €6 each or 5 for €25, and the syrup to go in them …..14Kgs of Invertbee for just €30.

If you’re still thinking about extractors, our last post (just below) has information on the fabulous new range of extractors we got in for honey season 2015. You’d be welcome here to come and have a good look. They are exceptional extractors at exceptional value.

Finally, we have stocks of honey jars and buckets (with or without valves), cutcomb containers and all the paraphenalia you are likely to need.

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