You’ll be glad to hear we’ve been able to bring down some of our prices due to the fact that Sterling has weakened recently against the Euro.
Have a look.
Print copies of the Price List available on request.

2 thoughts on “2016 Prices now on the website

  1. hi, i think i spoke with you last month. i have a commercial hive and i am looking for bees. you said that you had none left but you were taking orders for june, july. i have gotten a national 5 frame nuc and made an adaptor for it to sit under my commercial brood box. i was looking to see if you are still taking names for the next batch of colonys also if i drop out with my nuc can i collect the 5 frames of bees and if so what would the cost be.


    brendan harvey

    1. Hi Brendan, Our list is getting quite long and because of the year that’s in it, we’re not sure how it’s going to go for nucs this year. I will add your name to the list, but cannot guarantee availability at this stage. No point in leaving the box and adaptor here until we can confirm.
      Please contact by e-mail rather than comment box with your full contact details. Thanks. Mary

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