You know the old Einstein quote about if we lose the bees, we won’t be too far behind…..
Well, that’s because honey bees are the most prolific pollinators of plants.
I’ve been hearing on the grapevine that the Tidy Towns and various County Councils around the country are actively trying to encourage the adoption of practices to encourage natural pollinators.
What better way than to have a beehive or two in the community? And maybe even get some honey.
We at Mill Lane will be happy to offer special discounts to Tidy Towns Groups who want to get set up with hives.
And the weather this week might be prompting thoughts of honey and bees and nature.
Please give us a call.

2 thoughts on “Tidy Towns encouraging Pollinators: Honey Bees the Best

  1. Ard Mc Gill Res Association were hoping to put in 2 hives as part of pollinator plan and Tidy Towns. Could you please send quotation for basic start up.
    Mary Thompson Glenties 0879695053

    1. Thanks for your enquiry Mary,
      I’ll e-mail you directly. We have our winter sale going on at present, so if you
      want to avail of the discounts….

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