We have a few new items in stock….
These are all related to the Polystyrene National Nucleus Hives.

6-Frame Polynucs with Miller Feeder in stock €50 (same as last year)
Frames, frame-nails & Wax for above in stock €18
Extra: Stackable Brood Box (6-frame) in stock €30
Extra: Stackable Super Box (6 frame) in stock €22.50
Slotted Steel Queen Excluders for above in stock €9
Spare Lid/Roof in stock €10
Spare Miller Feeders in stock €16

Recent Problems on Website…..
A big apology to customers who had difficulty getting product information when visiting the website recently.

It is working properly now.

If you ever have any problem with the website/ordering/etc. please phone me on 086 8599833 and I’ll do
everything I can to help.

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