Completely new to us is the product: Candipolline Gold. A brilliant spring boost to stimulate egg laying and colony build-up….
Only €6 for a Kilo pack. Works well when accompanied by Fondabee, so the bees decide what and how much to take down.

Other stock recently arrived:
Queen Wing clipper. This delicate piece of equipment is perfect for the extremely precise clip required. Previously this was €9 but this year we can bring it to you for only €7.

Headband magnifier. Again this is fabulous for that really close work such as grafting, or even hive inspection if the sight is not as good as it used to be. It has interchangeable lenses to adjust to suit you, and a light to improve the visibility of whatever you are studying. Now only €23.50.

We hope to bring you some more new stock in the very near future.

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