Apparently someone (nasty) has put out a rumour that we are ceasing trading.

As Oscar Wilde Said: “Rumours of our demise are greatly exaggerated”.

We intend to continue as always for a long time to come.

Please put the record right if you hear anyone spreading this malicious gossip.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Mill Lane Beekeeping Update

  1. Delighted to hear that the rumour is false. A lot fake news doing the rounds these days!
    Best regards

    Mark Wilkinson

    1. Thanks Mark,

      We don’t know where it originated. And it’s really difficult to know how to respond to something as malicious as this.

      However, our regulars are well aware we’re still focussed on trying to give our customers choice, value and service.

      Hope to see you sometime before too long.

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