As a special offer for the June Bank Holiday weekend (till Tuesday 5th June) we

are giving an extra special offer on the Irish Cedar Hives with 4″ insulated roof.

Complete Hive (incl wax, frames) Usual flat-pac price 300 Euros Special 275 Euros

Complete Hive Incl wax, frames Usual Assembled       350 Euros Special 320 Euros

Above hive empty                         Usual flat-pac price  220 Euros Special 200 Euros

Same hive empty                          Usual assembled     270 Euros Special 245 Euros

4 thoughts on “Irish Cedar Hives – National

  1. Hi,
    Am I too late for the special offer? I would like to get one complete assembled hive, maybe two, from you.
    Do you have them in stock?
    Are your cedar hives treated with teak oil?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Cathy,
      We have plenty in stock in flatpack. I just need a couple of
      days to assemble on orders.
      The special offer was for the Bank Holiday weekend only, however if you’re buying two we’ll give you a discount and pay delivery for you. Give me a call on 086-8599833

  2. Hi Mary,
    Can you give me a breakdown on what is in the complete hive please?
    I am interested in one assembled

    1. Hi Barry,
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      Complete Irish Cedar Hive comprises:
      Assembled Open Mesh Floor with Entrance Block (Optional extra cedar Landing Board 10 Euros)
      1 Brood Box with metal frame runners
      2 supers with plastic frame runners
      Insulated, metal clad roof
      Crown Board with bee escape
      Plastic Queen Excluder (Upgrade to metal QX with timber frame 13 Euros extra)
      11 Brood Frames and wired wax foundation
      20 Super Frames and wired wax foundation
      Frame Nails
      Optional Extra Dummy Board (Brood) 6 Euros

      Flatpak version comes with nails and glue and instructions: Brood, Supers & Roof
      Assembled: what it says on the tin
      Frames are not assembled in either case. instructions included.
      I hope that gives you what you need
      Thanks again. Mary

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