Buckets and buckets of honey coming in these days!

Mill Lane offer a range of bucket sizes and honey harvesting equipment to help you.

2.5L(approx 7.5 lbs), 5L (approx 15 lbs), 10L (approx 30 lbs) and 20L (approx 60lbs) food grade buckets with sealable lids. Bulk prices when buying 5 or more of a size.

We can provide larger of these buckets with Honey Valve installed.

We also supply Bucket holder which is a handy little device to allow you support the frame over the bucket while you uncap it. (Catch the drips)

Jars with lids come in 3 sizes – 8oz (66 per tray 26 Euros); 12oz (50 per tray 20 Euros); and 16oz/1lb (40 per tray 26 Euros).

Uncapping forks, rollers, knives, honey strainers (a variety) and even extractors …All available from Mill Lane Beekeeping.

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