Here at Mill Lane we try to take our honey crop at the end of July, then we give them a good feed of syrup to help them over that shock and soon after that we start to treat the hives with Apiguard to help the bees to get rid of this pest before bedding down for Autumn/winter.

August is the ideal time to treat your hives for varroa mites, with Apiguard from Mill Lane Beekeeping. The Apiguard works best when the temperature is still high enough for the thymol gel to release its fumes throughout the atmosphere of the hive, ideally 16C; but you cannot really use it until after the crop has been taken as the smell will get into your honey.

Apiguard is the most benign, most natural and least ‘chemical’  way of treating for varroa.  We’ve been using it consistently for about 8 years and it still works. Whereas some of the chemical treatments have now been proven to lose efficacy as the varroa build resistance to them.

You can purchase a box of 10 trays (treatment for 5 full-size hives) for €30. Or individual trays for €3.25 ea.

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