The new stocks of Fondabee (winter bee food) have arrived…and the good news is that we’ve managed to bring the price down!

2.5Kg vacpac is now 6.50 Euros and the

Box of 5 pacs (total 12.5Kgs) is 25.00 Euros. (That’s down from 30!)

Photo will be posted in next couple of days.

No excuse for hungry bees this winter!

2 thoughts on “Bee Fondant

  1. Hi. I have 8 hives and 6 nucs. They had a lot of feed going into the winter and still should though I need to check them. Can you advise what I should feed them now and how much please ? Do I give a 2.5kg pack to each give ??

    1. Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your question.
      Winter time, especially this cold, we would always recommend fondant.
      Each pack is 2.5Kgs which we usually split down to 2 or three parts. Resealing the cut edges with kitchen cling film.
      We just check them fairly regularly, and the hives that are consuming most may need more. They will vary, depending
      on colony strength/numbers, queen strength etc.
      Towards the end of this month, or early March we would consider giving the Candypolline Gold.
      Check the website, I wrote a post yesterday with prices etc. and the bulk prices are in the products section.

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