There’s heavy snow on the ground here at present.

How is it with you?  Have you checked that your bees have enough stores to get them through?

Wait till it thaws and then check and give fondant if necessary. Do not open the hive for more than a few seconds until it’s warmer. The trick is to feed through the hole in the crown board, as close as you can to the cluster. Just lift roof, put fondant with small access in plastic, over the hole, facing down and return roof ASAP. Also make sure they have access to unfrozen water!

We have Fondabee fondant in 2.5Kg vacpacs for just 6.00 Euros and Candypolline Gold 1 Kg Vacpacs for 5.50 Euros. In stock.

Meanwhile we’re gearing up for our winter sale with is due to begin 11 Feb and run till 23rd Feb. Please remember, daylight hours only. And phone before coming. Or you can order from the website and save coming out on icy roads.

We’ll be putting up the Sale Prices on 8th or 9th. e-copies of the price list available if you want. Just let us know.

By the way, this is the time of year you should be considering putting your name down for our wonderful black native Irish Honeybees which we expect will be available around mid-summer! or

086-8599833 or 086 2403152


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