Well that summer flew in!

The Honey season is upon us already.  We’re finding that the extractor/uncapping tray for rental is already in demand.  Book early if you are going to need it.  It’s only 35.00 Euros for a 24-hour period (enough for most of us!) and saves having to go out and spend a fortune for equipment that you only use once or twice in the year.

Our rental extractor is light and mobile and will fit in any car.

Next up after taking your honey you’ll need to consider treating for varroa.  While it’s still warm is ideal for Apiguard as it works best when the temperature is 15/16 Centigrade or higher.  Our new stock is just in and ready for the rush.

If you have the opportunity to have hives on the heather, this is a great time to consider switching to unwired wax in your supers as this will give you a great quality cutcomb honey with no messy extraction/pressing etc.  Unwired shallow wax for National is only 7.00 Euros for a pack of 10 sheets.

Don’t forget to stock up on syrup for the Autumn feed.  Our price this year is down to an amazing 25.00 Euros for a 14Kg container.


8 thoughts on “Honey Season is upon us!

  1. Hi Marys,
    Thank you so much for your honey extractor. We found it perfect for the job and yes the uncapping tray was brilliant for the decapping process. We put in a good few hours and are very with the harvest yield up from last year. Thanks for your support and supplies over the past year and I am sure we will be calling for more beekeeping materials over the next few months.
    Many Thanks,

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