Thanks to all our customers and friends who continue to contact us for their beekeeping supplies and equipment.

I never thought I’d say this, but thank goodness Brexit prompted us to buy ahead for 2019. It means we have nearly everything in stock, in volume. And with the weather we’ve had through April, that’s been fortuitous as there has been an unprecedented demand for almost everything.

Still plenty available for the foreseeable. Just give us a shout at: or

phone: 086 8599833.

Most people are opting to have goods sent by post or courier.

For locals, we are exercising Social distancing and sensible precautions for anyone coming to collect from us.

First we will take your order, give you the tally, and arrange a time to come. We will ask you to place payment in an envelope or bag in the boot, remain in your car and pop the boot so we can place your order into it and receive the payment. (We then go straight to wash hands!)

Happy Beekeeping! Stay Safe.

5 thoughts on “Plenty In Stock

    1. Hi John,
      Good to hear from an aspiring beekeeper.
      Yes we have plenty of stock across a full range of National hives and beekeeping equipment

    1. Sorry Mary, We only sell our honey locally.
      The more local it is to where you live, the better it is for you!

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