With the glorious spring weather we had, we haven’t had a second to come on here and let you know what’s happening.

Well…..Covid 19 of course had an impact on all of us.

We do hope you have all come through unscathed. But if you did have a run in with it, we hope you have now recovered and are back to your good selves!

So far, thank goodness, we have succeeded in staying open through the whole lockdown and boy were we busy? Busiest ever.

Now that the weather has come back to normal Irish summer weather, things are returning to a normal pace of business for the time of year….still busy but at least we can catch our breath once in a while!

Thankfully, with Brexit threatening, and good planning we have stocks of most things. Just one or two items missing at present. But we will be restocking (e.g. fondant currently off the menu).

If you cannot find what you want on the website product catalogue, give us a shout on: 086 8599833 or onmilllane@yahoo.ie and we’ll be able to give you the answers.

Stay Safe!!!

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