Even if Covid is still reeking havoc on our nation…we will aim to proceed with our Winter Sale: Monday to Saturday daylight hours. By appointment please so we can keep traffic light and spread to protect everyone from the dreaded…

During the foreseeable future we will continue to operate social distancing and request customers to preorder, stay in their cars while we load, and we can talk from a distance if you have any questions.

We will of course provide courier delivery (free if order over €500) to 32 counties if you prefer not to travel to collect.

We at Mill Lane Beekeeping wish all our customers a safe start to 2021 (and beyond) and look forward to looking after your beekeeping supply needs into the future.

Happy New Year.

Mary and Mary

7 thoughts on “Dates for Winter Sale: 19th to 27th Feb 2021

  1. Hi there I tried to email you but it looks like it bounced back. I would like to purchase a starter kit or a voucher for same. How much would this cost approximately and what do you have on site. Your website is difficult to navigate to take a look myself. Thanks, Anne.

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