Just in case you are unsure how to proceed with ordering beekeeping supplies and equipment from Mill Lane Beekeeping….

When you have selected everything you want and added to your shopping cart. The next step is to submit the order to us.

Reasons for this….

  1. We need to check it’s still in stock. And
  2. We need to know what your are buying in order to calculate what the delivery / carriage cost is going to be. As you can imagine orders vary: everything between 1 grafting tool or Porter Bee Escape to several hives! So weight, size, etc. can be hugely differing.

Next step is,

  1. we acknowledge your order,
  2. confirm availability of items on your shopping list,
  3. advise you of carriage costs and
  4. payment options …..by e-mail

We hope you enjoy the shopping experience and are happy with the service you receive. Let us know!

Happy Beekeeping.

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