Thanks to NIHBS (Native Irish HoneyBee Society) for entrusting Mill Lane Beekeeping with the task of supplying the 2022 Queen Rearing Programme Groups with Queen Rearing Kits.

We have supplemented this by providing both 2021 and 2022 QRGs and their members with an offer of special discounted prices across a range of products / queen rearing equipment, including Apideas, Polynucs, Double Bar Queen Rearing frames and various accessories to go with these.

If you are one of the people involved in a QRG, please feel free to ask about items not included in the offer. We can help keep costs down by grouping your personal order with your QRG order and save on delivery.

Happy Queen Rearing and Happy Beekeeping in 2022

2 thoughts on “Native Irish HoneyBee Queen Rearing

  1. Morning Mary, I am part of the Powerscourt Queen Rearing Group under the NIHBS and as I have Commercial hives I will need to order 2 Commerial Double bar Frames with Block Cell Holders, can you give me a price for them.
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Maeve,
      Thanks for your enquiry. Sorry for delay, snowed under with queen rearing group stuff.
      I hadn’t planned to do commercial, but we can do double bar frames with set of 20
      for €25 each.
      Can you direct order through group co-ordinator please. Just add to bottom of list.
      Deadline is tomorrow.

      Kind Regards

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