Sorry folks. We ran into several tech problems, one after the other, and so we were off air for a while recently.

As an update on the status of Mill Lane Beekeeping, we are continuing to sell to run down our stocks and to assist us in this endeavour we are discounting many items: in particular Irish Cedar National Hives, Hive parts, and contents; Also bee suits and gloves.

It really is first come first served. And as they say in the ads:

“When they’re gone….They’re gone!”

The Future:

We are still hopeful that someone will come forward with a proposal to take on Mill Lane Beekeeping as a going concern; please do pass the word to anyone suitable:

Important factors to consider:


Working knowledge of bees and beekeeping

Need for Working Capital

A suitable, accessible premises

Good Woodworking skills will enhance profitability

We will provide mentoring during a handover period with the right person/people.

3 thoughts on “Apologies for loss of website

    1. Thanks Fergal,
      Mailing List now includes your e-mail. Website is likely to undergo overhaul under new ownership in due course.
      Will keep you updated.

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