Located just outside Nobber, Co Meath, in the beautiful townland of Muff, Billy Nolan has recently bought out the two Marys (in Leitrim) who developed Mill Lane Beekeeping, to supply just about everything that the Irish beekeeper needs.

Our Catalogue lists all of the products that are available from Mill Lane Beekeeping.

As a small ‘retail’ outlet, we don’t carry vast stocks, so as yet we cannot offer a full e-commerce service as there is always a possibility that what you order may not be on our shelf at that moment. However, once you place your order from our online Catalogue, we do provide a very prompt reply and supply service once we have spoken by phone or agreed with you by e-mail your order; and we don’t promise what we cannot deliver. If we have the item in stock, we can courier your order to any of 32 counties within 24 hrs of receiving payment.

We love to hear what’s happening in the beekeeping world, so please do also use the blog on our home page and tell us your stories, give us your thoughts and wisdom, or just let us know what you think of our little business, and suggest how we might improve our service to you.

Billy Nolan