Starter Pack: Irish Cedar Hive (Flat)



Complete National Hive (Irish cedar timber) Flat Pack includes:

  • Open Mesh Floor With Entrance Block (assembled)
  • 1 Brood Box, 2 Supers
  • above with frame runners Metal in Brood, Plastic in Supers
  • Harmless Plastic Queen Excluder
  • Crown Board (with 2 Porter Bee Escapes)
  • 4” Metal Roof, Insulated
  • Deep & Shallow Frames
  • Deep and Shallow Wired Wax Foundation
  • Nails and Instructions

Plus the Beekeepers Necessities:

  • Bee Jacket with Hat and Veil
  • Nitrile (Chemical resistant) Gloves With Gauntlets
  • Smoker
  • Standard Hive Tool
  • Feeder

This package will give a new beekeeper all essential equipment needed to get started.

Being a Cedar Wood Hive this will last for many years.