Happy New Year to All our Bloggers and Beekeeping Friends

We are hoping that 2013 will prove to be a good year for Irish bees, bee-breeding, beekeeping and honey crops!!!

To get it off to a good start, we will be having our customary

Winter Sale from 15th to 26th January 2013


(shop open Tuesdays to Saturdays daylight hours only).

We will be offering some exceptionally good value again this winter:

First and foremost we have our new stock of winter feeding fondant just in.  And the good news is that we can offer the 2.5Kg VacPac at €6.50 during the sale, or a box of 5 Pacs (total 12.5Kgs) for €30 ……..That is substantially down on last year’s stock which we were selling at €10 pac/€45 box.

All 2012 stock will be discounted by a minimum of 10%, but many items will be marked down by much more, and we have bought in some special sale items which are great value……Here’s a few of the Specials: have a look and then check in our catalogue to see our normal prices: The savings are phenomenal.

Thornes slight seconds:                                                 Premier Quality Wax only.

National Brood Hoffman Frames (DN4) €1 ea          with wired foundation wax €2.25 ea

National Super Hoffman Frames (SN4) €1 ea           with wired foundation wax €1.75 ea

National Super Manley Frames €1.30 ea                   with wired foundation wax €2.05 ea


Thornes Cedar Flatpak Hive Parts (slight seconds)

Brood Box      €33                          Super        €25                  Roof       €33

Open Mesh Floor   €24   Plastic Queen Excluder    €5       Crown Board    €14


Thornes Cedar Hive (slight seconds) including:

1 Brood Box,  1 Super,  I Roof,  1 Open Mesh Floor,  1 Crown Board,  1 Queen Excluder    €125

Contents for same: including: Frames, Wax, Castellated Spacers, 1 pr Metal Runners, Frame Nails etc   €50

Extra Supers incl C. Spacers €25 ; 10 SN4 Frames and Wax €17.50


6-Frame Polystyrene Nucleus Hive with Build-In Feeder €45


Order online, by e-mail, by phone or in person.   Offers are only while stocks last….Don’t delay!

Guess what we got for Christmas from our dear friend Mel?……….Tahdaaahhh…..

Chocolate Beehive!

The diet can wait!


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